COCC Fall XC Ski Class

(Official class title used by COCC: HHP 185SK -- NORDIC SKI CONDITIONING)

Activity Menu PDF of exercises used in the COCC class.


2017 CLASS SYLLABUS (only for-credit students need to have a copy of the syllabus and should note all graded class assignments/due dates).



--> 2017 Class starts Monday, September 25 and ends Wednesday, November 15 -- just in time for snow!

--> Classes are on Monday & Wednesday evenings within the time range this fall of 5 - 6:45pm. New this fall will be that class time range will now include time for individual warm-up and cool down periods. So if you are coming from work and arrive to the Mazama Fit Center at say 5:10pm, we won't get most group activities going until you won't miss anything! Similarly, we'll wrap activities usually be 6:35pm to allow personal cool down inside or outside in reserved areas.

-- All Class sessions will meet at the COCC Mazama Fit Center.

-- If you audit the class (do not take it for credit or grade) you can arrive late or leave early on any day and you can skip any session for any reason and it's never a problem. On the other hand, anyone that takes the class for credit must follow COCC Activity Class attendance policies outlined in the course syllabus.

-- We do inside and outside strength, XC foot technique drills, XC foot conditioning, agility/coordination routines, and on-campus hill work.

-- You do not need to run. You do not need special equipment. You can go as easy or hard as you like with all activities. You'll have fun, meet people, and get XC fit!

-- Registration for non-degree seeking students begins Wednesday, September 6. See notes below for a bit more info on how the college sign-up process works.


General Class Information In More Detail

#1.) How do I sign up? -- three sets of instructions depending on your situation....

a. If you are a current COCC degree-seeking student you can add the class at any point up to start of the Fall quarter. Add slips can be signed the first week of class until the class fills.

b. Off-campus individuals ("Non-degree Seeking Students") that have taken any COCC class in the recent past can register beginning September 6.

c. If you have never taken any COCC class you can also enroll starting September 6, but note that you will first need to do a couple extra steps before you can start the class enrollment. Note also if you've never taken any COCC class before (or if it's been a long time) you absolutely must complete all steps and be registered by Wednesday, September 20 or admissions will not let you add the class later.

c. For everyone, it greatly simplifies enrollment if you do NOT wait until the last second to get signed up. COCC requires all students to complete registration latest by Thursday, September 21. Further, this class typically gets very close to filling or will "fill" every year. So you snooze -- you lose. Get on it.

#2.) What's This Class Like? -- The class meets two evenings a week (M/W, 5-6:45pm time range described above) from Sept 25 until Nov 15 -- just in time for snow in the mountains! Each session features a mix of strength, specific foot exercises, technique drills, and cardio/aerobic components. Class instructor is XC Oregon Coach J.D. Downing. The class can be taken for-credit or on an audit (no grade) basis. Students that prefer to "come and go" throughout the fall quarter should sign up as an audit.

#3.) What ability and interest level do this class? -- Every year literally every ability level enjoys this class design. We have students that have never XC skied and we have experts that are training for the highest levels of age-group competition worldwide. We'll have students just out of high school and super-master students 70+ years young. So it's a huge range. Every session is designed so that everyone can go at their own pace on every class component without having to hurry up or wait for others that want to go slower or faster.

#4.) Do I need to run or be super human in these workouts? -- No. All our cardio/aerobic components can be done at walking speed if you wish. Strength is at your own pace entirely. All outside technique and ballistic drills and exercises can be done at very low impact levels.

#5.) Do I need any special equipment? -- No. The only equipment you really need is a pair of running shoes and appropriate clothing for ever-changing Central Oregon weather (we will be both inside and outside on most days).

#6.) Will I get a good workout? -- Yes, but how good is up to you each day. Aside from very brief occasional technique or safety pointers, Coach J.D. will keep you moving 99% of the time in these classes. Any level of skier can make any class session fit a wide range of fitness goals. If you want to slowly get back into shape for XC skiing -- this class is for you. If you want to take a good fitness level and make it great for XC ski season -- this class is for you.

#7.) Where do sessions meet? -- All class sessions are on the COCC campus. Each evening we will be meeting at the COCC Mazama Weight Room/Fit Center at 5pm. Note that we will get in a workout right from the very first class session so come dressed to get busy!


If you still have questions, feel free to contact Coach J.D. Downing: jd at xcoregon dot org