Camp Testing Info

Oregon XC Ski Camps: Lab Test Detailed Information

What you see below should take care of the most typical questions about the optional Lab Testing at COCC we've gotten over the years.


Before The Camp

1.) For everyone taking the lab test, please go on-line BEFORE THE CAMP and fill out a private medical health history form so you can save time when you arrive at the lab.

These forms are required by the lab in order to begin a test. The Fall Camp will be pestered by the lab if you don't all fill out your form ahead of time. We then pester you. It gets messy and tedious. Thus, it will really help if you complete your medical clearance form on-line asap! It’ll take you only a few minutes.


2.) Please plan your schedule to arrive on time (ideally at least 10mins early) for your test. Directions are below. The College is very busy and on-campus parking can be at a premium on some days. You often will need to allow some time to find a parking spot. Try and park on College Way if you can (no pass needed). If you can't find a space on College Way, drive down below Mazama Hall and park in the lots that traverse the slope below Mazama/Lab or by the tennis courts. If you have to park in any lot below the Lab, go in and tell the Lab staff and they will give you a temp permit to put on your car. Thus why it's good to arrive early.

If for any reason you are going to be late or have to cancel due to injury/illness please call the lab at (541) 383-7768 and leave a message as soon as you know what's going on. Failure to show up for a Lab Test or forcing the staff to run a test later than expected can easily result in schedule problems that impact actual COCC classes & students. Please respect everyone's time and do your very best to be on time for your test!

Note that we often still have some open lab times so all is not necessarily lost if you have to cancel a test earlier in the camp. But if something happens later in the camp we simply run out of time. Also, if you live within easy drive of Bend, the lab could test you later in the winter at the same group rate.


3.) Bring running shoes, running clothes (it gets hot in the lab when you are testing no matter what the weather outside is like), water bottle, and a complete change of clothes for after your test. If we have several tests in a row, you will often need to warm up or cool down outside (jog or walk) so that the staff can rig up the next test. So bring a jacket you can exercise in.


Logistics On Your Test Day

4.) To get to the lab you go up College Way from the Newport roundabout until you enter the campus, when you get to the second lefthand driveway, look immediately on your left for Mazama Hall. The lab is a small building adjacent to Mazama Hall, just downhill from the Mazama parking driveway. You can find COCC map/directions on this page.

Pay attention to parking notes above -- you will get a ticket in college lots without a permit.


5.) The lab will have your name on a list when you arrive. If you have tested in the lab before they will also have your past test results for comparison. PAYMENT IS MADE DIRECT TO THE LAB AT THE TIME OF THE LAB TEST. The preference is for campers to pay via credit card.


6.) Unless you have specified a different type of lab test, anticipate a short, gradually-getting-harder foot workout with poles entirely on a wide treadmill with easy "pole walking" at the start and classic-technique pole bounding by the end. THE LAB PROVIDES SPECIAL POLES WITH RUBBER TIPS. You wear a mask over nose/mouth with regular skin pricks to obtain very small blood samples. It’s normal to feel a little nervous your first time, but try not to be -- it’s really a quite simple process. Typical tests only take about 25-30 minutes start-to-finish actually on the treadmill. The lab staff is top-notch and will safely guide you through the process. Again -- you do NOT need to bring your own poles!